The William Hodges Fellowship artist in residence programme aims to bring significant New Zealand visual artists to Southland and allow them to work within and respond to the Southland environment and community while they are also making a contribution to the Southland community and its artists.


Although the roots of the William Hodges Fellowship extend back to 1981 it was in 1996 that the Southland Art Foundation Artist In Residence was established by a joint partnership between Southland Art Foundation (SAF); Creative New Zealand, Southland Museum & Art Gallery (SMAG) and Southern Institute of Technology (SIT). It was to provide the opportunity for significant New Zealand visual artists to work with and within the community of Southland.

In 2000, SAF renamed the residency programme William Hodges Fellowship, in recognition of the first recorded ‘European Artist in residence in Southland’ who was part of Cook’s second voyage in 1773. Also in 2000 Burwell House was opened as the residence for the William Hodges Fellow.

The main financial contributors to the Southland Art Foundation and the William Hodges Fellowship today are The Community Trust of Southland, Creative New Zealand, SMAG and SIT.


Mark Adams (photographer), Laurence Berry (painter), Kalvin Collins (painter), Tracey Collins (painter), Margaret Dawson (photographer), Janet de Wagt (painter), Geoff Dixon (painter), Irene Ferguson (painter), Murray Grimsdale (painter), Ruth Myers (sculptor), Joanna Margaret Paul (painter), John Robinson (painter); David Sarich (painter), Ross T Smith (photographer), Nicholas Twist (photographer), Lorraine Webb (painter) and Ans Westra (photographer)